The Art of Dating – Dealing with Single Friends

There was a point in my life I was a bitter single person. Now I have come to realize I am un-dateable. I can hear all you people out there saying, “Cori, you’re amazing! Don’t beat yourself up. You’ll find the right one.” (Someone get me a tissue.)

When I say “un-dateable” what I mean is, I don’t allow myself to be dated. Too busy, too distant, not open to letting friends run my Eharmony profile to find me a date. Maybe I was just meant to write about it. After all, I’m doing a wonderful job. Right?

It’s difficult to lose your best friend to someone else. We’ve all been there. You just hit the “Second Best” mark in their lives and you used to get top billing. For the close friends, you’ll find that in the beginning, although you might feel left out, if your bestie has truly found the “right one”, you will be excited to stand by them on their wedding day. So if you’re single, try to be happy for your friend even if it means leaving the city so you don’t have to watch the emotional roller coaster.

When your dating, cut the single people some slack and don’t slobber them with PDA’s when you’re around them. It’s hard enough being second best, much less pretending you’re not throwing up in your mouth when your best friend getting snuggly with her guy at the movies.

Last but not least, don’t immediately try and find your single friend someone just because you have someone. They know you have an ulterior motive to find someone to double date with and they won’t fall for it. Make a point to make sure they still feel like they fit in your life and you’ll find the transition is much smoother.

You might say you’re pretty well versed in the art of dating by this point. You found a great wingman, you’ve dealt with your single friends, you’ve had at least 3 or 4 dinner fouls and you think you are in love. Except, he is still calling you “Babe” because he can’t remember your name and your still calling him “Babe” because that is what he is calling you, so you figure he must like that name.

If your not being referred too as a boyfriend or girlfriend within 6 months, someone in the relationship is struggling with commitment. This is more of a warning for the men. Women want to be more then your “babe”. While being called our boyfriend may not mean anything to you, it somehow means something to us to be your girlfriend. There is something impersonal about being referred to as, “The girl I am dating.” Why don’t you just say, “This is the chick I am with at the moment, I’ll let you know if I find a better one.” One thing is certain, you better figure out what you’re calling each other before you meet the parents.

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