The Art of Dating – Keeping It Interesting

How does one keep it interesting? Well kids, I hate to tell you this, but this is something you’ll have to do your whole life. I mean, take both sets of my grandparents; they had to keep it interesting for fifty years. That’s a long time for those of you who struggle with math. I mean, if you’re having trouble keeping your significant other’s attention for a few dates, they you’re just not that into each other. It’s possible you have a serious case of Loneliness. This is a dangerous place, because you accept the You’ll Do attitude. Imagine sitting at Kentucky Fried Chicken and wishing you had Chick-fil-A, but you settled, ‘cuz you were too hungry to drive a few more miles for the good stuff. It’s the same with dating.

Take turns with date planning. You’ll find out pretty quickly if you are dating a psycho. Supposedly, the guy does the planning at first, but he let the girl do a bit of work once they are “an item.” Word to the wise, you’re dating a lazy bum if you find yourself doing all the planning.

Tell each other something you don’t know about one another every week. I don’t honestly know how this helps, but it sounds good.

Don’t make up excuses and don’t take excuses. Unless they are in critical condition or another country, they will make a concerted effort to spend time with you. Basically, if you enjoy one another’s company, you should be able to keep it interesting.

Okay, so where do you find interesting people? People have asked me if it’s okay to date someone they met on I say, “Go ahead it’s your funeral.” Uh, just kidding. I only with I could say that. If you’re thinking they look pretty good, I’d say 45% of the time you’re right. That’s a pretty good percentage if you’re currently looking through bars and swanky nightclubs for dates. With Match, you can look but not touch, because if you touch, then you buy, because touching leads to things that make you pay in the end. Those would be consequences. We don’t want to suffer any nasty consequences.

So if you choose to date online, take the following into consideration:

  • Be honest. Lies lead to break-ups and break-ups lead to single people with bad attitudes.
  • Post all your ugly photos so you know they are interested in your personality.
  • Take a friend to meet anyone new. Preferably, one with common sense.
  • Practice covering your reaction when you find out they don’t look like their picture. Surprise!

If you follow those rules, you have a 45% chance of success. Tinder and OKCupid are a bit more idiotic, so if you are into shallow dating, please go there and feel unworthy of true love. My advice is to use eHarmony, its safer, but more costly. However, you are listening to me, so how much costly does it get?

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