The Art of Dating – What To Do On a Date

What is the best thing to do on a date? Here is a hint: do something active – something conducive to conversation. If you just go to a movie, you might as well say, “Hey I really don’t want to talk to you or get to know you better.” If you like someone, go bowling or mini-golfing. If you’re conversing and being active, you’re making memories, not to mention, keeping of the extra weight. Challenge each other to see who can be the most creative. Make it a surprise, because everyone likes surprises. If they don’t you’re dating someone boring, so be prepared to nap the rest of your life.

Point is, if you like the person, stay away from non-talking, non-activity dates. I can hear the skeptics out there telling me that my not-seeing-a-movie-till-you’ve-known-someone-for-a-month is ridiculous. You are most likely single and have been for a very long time, so no one cares what you think. But, to address the art of movie watching, I say you have plenty of time for that after you get to know them. Movies are a great dates when you pretty much know all you want about the person. Why do you think married people binge watch TV at a higher rate than any other group? They’re done talking. (I might have made up that statistic, but it sounds good and supports my argument so let’s just go with it).

After you both decide the activity of the night, you then have to figure out where to have your fine-dining experience. This is really not the time to go through the McDonald’s Drive-Thru. In fact, you might as well kiss your date goodbye and no, not literally, because trust me, they’ll be out of that car so fast, you won’t even know you stopped at the curb.

Start with something between $7-$10 a plate. A girl can be pretty sure it’s a date if the guy insists on paying. Paying is a great way to make a statement that you appreciate the opportunity to get to know her. Be a gentleman; stand out amongst other guys who are messing things up by using a Groupon coupon. To help lay it out, let’s go over some DO’s and DON’Ts.


  • Think carefully about what you order. (Will your mouth fit around it? Is it going to make a slurping sound? Is it a potential fragrance problem later?).
  • Use your napkin. It’s what it’s there for.
  • Use your utensils. Buttering your bread by spreading the butter cube on it with the foil wrapper is not appealing; we aren’t cave dwellers.
  • Eat a light snack before heading out so you don’t look like a total pig eating half the pizza.


  • Talk with other diners. They don’t know you and they don’t care that you think what they ordered, it what you will probably order too.
  • Flirt with the server; your date doesn’t need the competition.
  • Talk with your mouth full. (Seems simple, but you wouldn’t believe how many people break this rule).
  • Bite a cherry tomato in half. No matter what, it always squirts juice and my bet is, without a doubt, that it will land on your date.
  • Get up and go to the bathroom, but really text your friend on how it’s going.

Disclaimer: If you are with someone who’s a total egomaniac, makes you pay for your meal, wears L.A. Light Sneakers, and is fifteen minutes late…get out however you can!

Just remember, eat can be an embarrassment waiting to happen, If it does, have a little fun with it, because your date is probably just as embarrassed for you. However, they are secretly happy that it didn’t happen to them first.

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