The Art of Dating – Flirting

If you’ve followed along the last few weeks, you’re probably thinking, Wow! She’s not so wrong about this dating stuff, maybe we should be best friends. But, I can’t lie; I haven’t been on many real dates and I don’t have any friends. I base my advice purely on observation and what I’ve heard from others. Let’s not let that little tidbit keep us from the next dating tip in the process: Flirting.

I’m amazing at flirting – as long as I know my potential target is in no way a potential boyfriend. Why is this you might ask? Setting aside my natural abilities, it’s because I can be witty and not worry about him judging me. When I’m around a guy I think is cute, and he makes eye contact, I keep it to the basics: weather and favorites (favorite color, favorite food, blonde or brunette).

Here is how it usually ends up:

                  Me: “Isn’t it nice weather we are having?”
                  Good-Looking Man: “Who are you?”

Flirting is definitely an art form. It’s like anything else, practice makes perfect. However, your best bet is to be born with a sense of humor, because without a quick wit, it’s most likely that someone else will step in and flight you right out of the conversation.

Flirting must be natural. Anything forced, and you’re probably not going to have chemistry with that person. I find that it is helpful to take notes when I witness someone I think is a good flirt. I mentally note their choice of words, tone of voice, and body language. Then, when I am safely out of their hearing distance, I try out these tactics in the mirror. After I’m in love with myself – from hot flirty I was with myself- I know I am ready to put these tactics to use on a live human man.

Remember, practice makes perfect, but be careful who you practice on, or people might think you’re hitting on everything that wears pants – and that means an unscrupulous reputation will follow you from social setting to social setting.

Once you are past the slightly-awkward stage, and you’re doing more than just “hanging out,” where should you go? Coffee shops just lost their appeal, and let’s face it; you’re not getting any thinner drinking all those lattes. It’s not good to gain weight just yet. That comes after marriage. At that point, they are sealed into a deal which means you’re pretty safe to go ahead and become the fatty you’ve always wanted to be.

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