The Art of Dating – Finding a Wingman

If you like someone, how do you drop the hint? In the Bible, God calls men to pursue and women to sit and wait to be traded for livestock. In today’s day and age, livestock can be hard to come by, so women are basically stuck waiting.

According to Proverbs 31, a woman of God spins her threads and watches for bargains. I don’t think making clothes and using coupons is going to help me get a date. So, what happens when I start liking someone? Do I drop the hint? Or spin him some clothes and plant a vineyard in my front yard with my earnings? I’m leaving this open-ended because I have no idea.

Your best bet is to find a good wingman. That way, your hints are dropped and you are not responsible for how weak or strong they are.

When you find that someone you are ready to “put it on the line for” and what I mean is – you found someone that was worth total rejection, ruining your current friend status, and creating future awkwardness in social situations where you were both in attendance. You’re officially ready for a wingman (or woman) so here is what to look for:

FIRST: It helps if your wingman is the opposite gender you are. They will have friends they can introduce you too, and you can make it abundantly clear you’re not dating them.

SECOND: Keeping with rule number one, if this person is a sibling, you have just increased your chances. Unless their friends are all socially inept and don’t fit what you are looking for.

THIRD: Subtle wingmen are great, because they are pros at dropping hints without seeming like they are matchmaking.

FOURTH: Don’t think that just ‘cuz you’re thirty-five and never dated, that you need more than one wingman to up your changes. Wingmen tend to compete with one another for the bragging rights of a successful relationship and within that competition they may ruin your chances.

FIFTH: Your wingman should be someone who knows your strengths and weaknesses and how to properly promote your assets without seeming obsess with you themselves.

And lastly, a few warnings: If you are a wingman, try not to be overly great, because you will find that you end up setting up the people around you more than getting set up yourself. And, let me tell you, once they find that “special someone of the week” you will be forgotten because suddenly your friends are “busy.” Try not to take it personal, you did your job but you may have gotten rid of your own wingman by default. If that happens you are back to the old fashioned way of dating – waiting for an arranged marriage and livestock trade. Hope you trust your parents!

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