God’s sense of humor



I am lucky enough to be gifted with a sense of humor and therefore it was only inevitable that I would end up having acne to help balance it out. It would be unfair for people to not only look good, but be funny as well. No one else would have a chance. People that are good looking may have a good personality but nothing can really compare to a brilliant sense of humor. It is because of this that I write on. I know that one day there is hope for me.

I have issues with embarrassment if you haven’t caught on by now. I cry when I have a zit that’s as big as my nose and have to tell myself over and over again. “Your friends love you no matter what you look like.” Speaking of my nose I hate snot. Snot is of the devil. (This is where the faint of heart must not read on). If you are like me and have allergies, you can agree that not only does it look gross, but it feels nasty. Those of us with back of the throat drainage problems know it doesn’t taste appealing either. I was up in the wild and wonderful mountains of Arizona. (We do have them, you just have to go a long ways to find them). It was cold out because we were in the playing in the 8” of snow we get each winter. My nose was running and I was standing in front of a group of peers who used to respect me when a big snot bubble came out of my nose. Where the heck did that come from!!!? I quickly looked down, which only intensified the matter making it worse. My nose began to run all over the place like it had a mind of its own. I used my cat-like reflexes and quickly covered my nose with my hand and wiped it away. Since the snow was right there, I rubbed it deep down for some wild animal to find later. I think my friend may have seen it, but if she did, she didn’t mention it. And if she didn’t see it, she’s going to remember it now and tell everyone we know that she saw my snot. I am screwed.

12509566_912414842198699_101429178022560287_nWhy is it when it’s the most important for us to look good, we always end up looking like a fool? Or is this just me? I hate it when my friends give me that look that says “I don’t understand where you came up with that.” I get that look more then you might think. Mostly because I have no idea where I come up with stuff either, and if I was them I’d confuse myself. I am sure that somewhere in the Bible it talks about looks and being narcissistic (which for those who don’t know is to have a love affair with your mirror). I will never get that far because I keep messing up too much to ever get an ego. The next time you are in a group of people who you are trying to make a good first impression on, make sure you have a Kleenex on you. I can garuntee that runny noses, acne and horrible stories aren’t helping me in the dating area of life. I guess a part of God’s sense of humor is creating me and just watching people try and figure me out.

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